“How to kick Depression, Addiction and Anxiety” – NEW Radio Interview

28 Sep

Hi all,

Please do listen to my latest interview with fellow addiction worker Micheal Hilton and I on the following link. It really is chocka-block full with amazing information and insight.

Enjoy! And drop me a line at if you think I might be able to help you.

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Therapy Is Cool – Preview of My YouTube Channel

5 Mar

I want people to understand just how empowering and inspiring getting therapy, and sorting out your life, can be. I made a very short YouTube channel trailer, which will hopefully inspire you. Visit my channel for advice and help with dealing with the tough stuff in life.

Therapy Is Cool – Check Out My Trailer – YouTube.


When Should You Tell People You’re An Addict (If Ever)?

28 Feb

Addiction Stigma – Should You Tell People You're An Addict? – YouTube.


How to Avoid Relapse – The 4 Stages of Addiction Recovery

25 Jan

What are the stages of addiction recovery and how can you work on yourself to avoid relapse and stay sober?

The Stages of Addiction Recovery – YouTube.

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How to Help a Loved One Who Is An Alcoholic or Addict – Video

25 Jan

5 Ways to Help a Loved One Who Is An Alcoholic or Addict – YouTube.


How to Move on from Addiction – YouTube

19 Dec

How to Move on from Addiction – YouTube.


How to Deal With Friends Who Encourage You to Drink

17 Dec

How to Deal With Friends Who Want You to Drink – YouTube.

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