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Having the Worst Day EVER? Read this.

21 Jul
by Chanie Gorkin.

by Chanie Gorkin.

This is a pretty powerful poem about the way we look at things. I haven’t been around on my blog much lately. You can find out why here. In that post, you’ll also learn my 5 golden rules for getting through really tough times.


Learn How to Beat Stress Naturally

20 May

I’m really excited to announce a Google hangout I’ll be doing, along with nutritionist Micheal Hilton on Sunday 25th May. We’ll be teaching you how you can beat stress JUST by using your body. It’ll be a fantastic mix of mindfulness, nutrition, NLP and more.

Here’s video with Micheal talking a bit about what you’ll learn.


It’s a free event and you can join as long as you have a Google+ account! There’s no excuse not to, as we’ve made it accessible for all time zones. It’s at 3pm UK time, 10am EDT and 7am PDT – okay a bit early for you guys, but it’s worth it to find out this valuable information!

There will also be a chance to ask us questions at the end. I’d really love to see you there. Take a look at the hangout page or join our event by following this link.