What Are The Best Addiction Recovery Books?

20 Aug

Although 1:1 work and support are the ideal ways to beat addiction, books on addiction recovery have their place, too. If you are confused about where to start with recovery, need some identification, or just need a few helpful reminders about how to make your recovery even stronger, addiction books can fulfil that need.

One of my books,The Recovery Formula: An Addict’s Guide to getting Clean and Sober Forever has just been awarded five stars out of five by Reader’s Favorite, so other people obviously agree that books on addiction recovery can be very valuable.

I know that on my own journey, one particular book sparked so much hope, identification, and some real practical lessons on how to start recovering, that I really credit it for motivating me to make the decision to reach out for help when I was really struggling to stay sober on my own. That book was No Room to Live: A Journey from Addiction to Recovery by My favourite addiction recovery bookWynford Ellis Owen, which I know hardly anyone has heard of.

But that book personally inspired me so much that I actually typed out an email to thank the author for writing it when I was in the middle of alcohol withdrawal (Yes, my keyboard was covered in sweat and and the email had many typos!). And when I had recovered and decided to write my first book, The Recovery Formula, I sent my book to him to see what he thought. Luckily, he loved it, and even gave me a review for the back cover.

This shows just how powerful connecting with others’ experiences and wisdom can be in recovery, and the place of books in enabling us to give and gain hope, motivation, and sometimes even help save someone’s life.

I also love that there are books which are really specific to certain addictions. For example, if you suffer from a gambling addiction, Addicted to Dimes (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat) could offer you a lot of identification and motivation, while In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction is a great read for those with less ‘classic addictions’ who find themselves identifying with addicts nonetheless.

What are your top books on addiction recovery, and why?


Having the Worst Day EVER? Read this.

21 Jul
by Chanie Gorkin.

by Chanie Gorkin.

This is a pretty powerful poem about the way we look at things. I haven’t been around on my blog much lately. You can find out why here. In that post, you’ll also learn my 5 golden rules for getting through really tough times.

Walking Through Fear with Sobriety by My Side

30 Dec

Wonderful post x


Fear was a huge obstacle for me before I got sober. Life was just too scary; I feared the past, I feared the future, and I especially feared getting sober. Everything about life scared me, and every bad event was a huge catastrophe. Then I got sober, and there was no covering it up with booze – I had to finally deal with my fears. In the beginning, the only thing that kept me somewhat stable was my strong belief that if I just remained sober I would get through the difficulties, and my life would eventually get better.  And because I was willing to walk through fears, my life has gotten so much better.
But… back than I though that I would never again have to go through such an excruciatingly difficult experience as getting sober, but to my dismay, there has been others. I have now learned that…

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Ex-Addict Writes 2nd Most Popular Article of All Time on Tiny Buddha!

20 Oct

I am very excited to announce that my article 6 Secrets to Moving On From Serious Struggles has been named the second most popular article OF ALL TIME on the Tiny Buddha website in the category of ‘Overcoming Negative Emotions’, and in the top 100 articles on the astoundingly popular personal development site EVER in any category.

I say this not to blow my own trumpet (well, a teeny tiny bit), but to show what is achievable no matter how far back you have to come from. I’m an ex-alkie, ex-self-harming, ex-bulimic, ex-agoraphobic, ex-social phobic, ex-depressive, ex-borderline…There wasn’t much I didn’t have to be honest.

Read the article to get the whole picture. You CAN achieve success no matter what you’ve been through. And you can help others afterwards 🙂

My aim has always been to help as many people as possible after overcoming the majority of my own struggles. I do that mainly by working 1:1 with people and writing books. But countless people have told me the free videos I make and the articles I write have changed or improved their lives.

It’s quite amazing to go from a semi-homeless alkie to someone that is now able to provide help and inspiration to millions of others around the world.

I’m very grateful that Andrew Walton of Cracking the Happiness Code notified me that I was placed in the Top 2 and Top 100 positions on Tiny Buddha; and I’m grateful to everyone who read and shared my article too.

Remember, as the article says, whatever struggles you’re going through, there is always an answer. And when you find it, there’s nothing better than using your experience to help others 🙂

Can You Help A Small Addiction Charity Make a Big Difference This Christmas?

13 Oct

Can you help give our service users a Christmas to remember? I’m a trustee of a small local drug and alcohol charity, DiversityInCare, that makes a big difference to vulnerable people’s lives.

Our clients are all trying hard to overcome addictions or may have issues such as fleeing domestic violence. DiversityInCare wants to give each client a special Xmas present. Please donate if you can.

Just £20 will give one service user a happier Christmas and the chance to feel special at a time that may be particularly difficult for them.

Donate - Xmas Hamper Appeal

Click this link for more details: http://www.diversityincare.org.uk/xmashamperappeal/

Smash Stigma on World Mental Health Day

10 Oct

I occasionally share something I’ve written for HuffPost here on my addiction blog. In this case, it’s very important that I do, because it’s World Mental Health Day – and there is still a massive amount of stigma towards people who are suffering from mental health problems.

As addicts, I’m sure we all know what it’s like to face stigma – it’s damaging and, in some cases, can set recovery efforts back.

So on World Mental Health Day, I’m inviting people to change the way they view mental health entirely. Take a look at my radical new way of helping to empower people who are suffering from mental health problems here:

Why Everyone Will Suffer If We Don’t Start Looking at Mental Health Differently.

Many thanks,
Beth x

How To Beat Addiction Cravings Quickly

2 Oct

I’ve just written a new blog post over on my other site which I think you’ll like.

It has a step-by-step process for beating addiction cravings, plus a video with a really powerful little tool for getting rid of pesky cravings.

The blog post focuses on alcohol cravings, but you can use these tricks and tips to beat cravings related to any addiction.

How To Get Rid of Alcohol Cravings.

Why not take a look at the post above and then share your favourite tips for beating addiction cravings in the comments below.