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What on Earth is this?

11 Apr

What is this? See if you can guess. The prize is my undying admiration…
A) Isn’t that your junk room, Beth?
B) I dunno, but I’m glad I don’t live there.
C) Could it be a home-made recording studio? Are you recording an audiobook??



It Happens Today Recovery Friends! So Please Tune Into ~Facing Addiction in America. . .

17 Nov

Gambling Addiction Recovery Starts Here- A Gamble Free Sober Blog. Celebrating Recovery With Others.

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A load of Professors and me…

16 Sep

It sounds like the beginning of an excruciatingly bad joke, but no, little old me managed to get published in an Oxford University Press book about addiction that’s out today.

I should note that all the other writers are hugely-respected bigwigs. But hopefully no-one will notice me popping in there for a chapter or two.

It excites me so much that students and scholars could soon be reading my work.

I may not have the ‘right’ degree, but I do know of what I speak, having studied addiction for years, been through it myself, and having a lot of practical experience (and success) with clients.

So if you see me grinning from ear to ear today, it’s not that I’ve thought up a terrible  profesaddictionchoicesor joke  (although I may have); it’s because I know if I can if I can do this, you can too.

Addiction and Choice: rethinking the Relationship is available today in the UK and next month in the US (sorry my  US cousins – you can always preorder.)

ISBN: 9780198727224

UK publishing date: 17th September 2016

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Walking Through Fear with Sobriety by My Side

30 Dec

Wonderful post x


Fear was a huge obstacle for me before I got sober. Life was just too scary; I feared the past, I feared the future, and I especially feared getting sober. Everything about life scared me, and every bad event was a huge catastrophe. Then I got sober, and there was no covering it up with booze – I had to finally deal with my fears. In the beginning, the only thing that kept me somewhat stable was my strong belief that if I just remained sober I would get through the difficulties, and my life would eventually get better.  And because I was willing to walk through fears, my life has gotten so much better.
But… back than I though that I would never again have to go through such an excruciatingly difficult experience as getting sober, but to my dismay, there has been others. I have now learned that…

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Can You Help A Small Addiction Charity Make a Big Difference This Christmas?

13 Oct

Can you help give our service users a Christmas to remember? I’m a trustee of a small local drug and alcohol charity, DiversityInCare, that makes a big difference to vulnerable people’s lives.

Our clients are all trying hard to overcome addictions or may have issues such as fleeing domestic violence. DiversityInCare wants to give each client a special Xmas present. Please donate if you can.

Just £20 will give one service user a happier Christmas and the chance to feel special at a time that may be particularly difficult for them.

Donate - Xmas Hamper Appeal

Click this link for more details:

Recovering from Relapse

14 Sep

LifeSTAR Central Valley Blog

In recovery, change is a process that never unfolds perfectly. As addicts learn the recovery lifestyle, it is essential to also learn how to respond when they fail to maintain sobriety. Depending on the degree of their acting out behavior, this experience is referred to as a slip or a relapse. No matter how it is defined, a person’s response to this kind of setback reveals the strength of their recovery process.

Shame is a normal experience in moments of perceived failure. Self-criticism naturally results from feelings of shame, yet a critical mindset only increases the chances of repeating the behavior (click here to learn more, start at 18:59). The body responds to self-criticism by raising cortisol, which is not helpful for those wanting to make changes. On the other hand, a self-compassionate response, increases one’s ability to get back on track quickly. Here is an example of…

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If You Hate Being Sober Sometimes, Read This….

5 Aug

Is this you??


Read this! It’s my new article which will hopefully make you feel a bit better about being sober.