A load of Professors and me…

16 Sep

It sounds like the beginning of an excruciatingly bad joke, but no, little old me managed to get published in an Oxford University Press book about addiction that’s out today.

I should note that all the other writers are hugely-respected bigwigs. But hopefully no-one will notice me popping in there for a chapter or two.

It excites me so much that students and scholars could soon be reading my work.

I may not have the ‘right’ degree, but I do know of what I speak, having studied addiction for years, been through it myself, and having a lot of practical experience (and success) with clients.

So if you see me grinning from ear to ear today, it’s not that I’ve thought up a terrible  profesaddictionchoicesor joke  (although I may have); it’s because I know if I can if I can do this, you can too.

Addiction and Choice: rethinking the Relationship is available today in the UK and next month in the US (sorry my  US cousins – you can always preorder.)

ISBN: 9780198727224

UK publishing date: 17th September 2016

Publisher: Oxford University Press


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